All Euler sources and builds are distributed under the GNU general public license (GPL). The main point is that any modified versions remains freeware and open source and must be distributed with a clear reference to the original version. The idea is that the user should easily be able to find the original software on this site, if he uses your modified version.

Bacause there are now many sites offering collections of free software distributing old and very old versions of Euler Math Toolbox, I do no longer allow the direct download of my installation files from other sites (ask for exceptions). You are cordially invited to include Euler Math Toolbox in any software collection, but you must use the download link to this page. Please do not offer a public copy of the Euler installation on your site.

You may include Euler into collections distributed on CD or DVD, since it is clear that these media contains the version of the software available at the distribution date. You are still required to link to this page.

Other licenses are available on request.


I will not take responsibility for any damage Euler does to your data, files or computer, or any other damage. You use Euler on your own risk.

Version Log

Have a look at the

Please note, that Euler is updated frequently. Make sure, you always use the current version. you can check if you have the most recent version at any time in the help menu of the program.


All downloads are available from the link below only. Please do not host installation files on other servers. See the license section for more information.

Current is "Version 2024-01-14". Click on the link to download the Windows installer for Euler.

I recommend uninstalling Euler before updating to a new version. Your user files in "Euler Files" and your settings in ".euler.cfg" will not be lost. This version needs a x64 system which should be the default for any recent computer system.

To take full advantage of Euler, you should install at least Python 2.7 and Latex. Find more information about the installation, and about helper programs in the


Euler runs with some restrictions on Wine in Linux. For details refer to the following page.

Source Code

Download the source via the download link above. The source for the Windows version generated with Visual C++. Please study the above license if you wish to use the source code.