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Get Stock Data from Yahoo

Downlaods and displays stock data from Yahoo historical courses.

Load with "load getstock". Help with "help getstock.e". See the snippets in the user menu.

function getstock (stock,since,till=none,showstock=false,
  Read the stock data since a date
  stock : GOOGL, ALV.DE, SIE.DE etc.
  since : e.g. day(2013,1,1)
  till : e.g. day(2014,1,1)
  >showstock : plots the stock
  a,b,c,d : boundaries for the stock plot in years and prices.
showstock (Get Stock Data from Yahoo)
function map getyear (dd)

function showstock (v,a=none,b=none,c=none,d=none,title="")
  Display the stock data
  >showstock(v,a=2012,b=2015,c=500,d=1500,title="Google Prices"):
getstock (Get Stock Data from Yahoo)

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